About us

We are a non-political, elementary organization working to ensure excellent public schools throughout Idaho by informing the public about state policy affecting our schools and our students.

Members of the task force will be at each meeting and members of the public will be asked to speak or submit comments. These core members will be holding these sessions to let people share their ideas on ways to improve the state public schools in Idaho.

Following public meetings, the task force is to meet and review the inputs on ideas received from the public and then draft the reforms required or the improvisations to be made for the betterment of the students of Idaho.

We welcome you to be part of the member of the public to share your ideas and recommendations for the changes needed in the educational system for the betterment of our students to be competent in comparison with the students from other states.

We would need parents, teachers and the general public to speak up and demand the politicians to listen to the public. We as an organization provide you with an opportunity to come forward be a part of these meetings to help shape the future of our state, our students in the public schools of Idaho.