The students of Idaho had been clearing state level examinations but when it was time to apply for colleges in other states they needed additional help. The education provided at the schools in Idaho only prepared them for test taking skills and the students usually couldn't compete with the students in other states. Considering these issues, the state board of Education under the guidance of Governor Otter proposed educational reforms.

The reforms to inform their problem solving, critical analysis and writing skills so that they were prepared to face the challenges in the real world. The teachers and parents of Idaho came together to acknowledge and spread the word so that more schools could take up the core standards without being forced to change the curriculum.

The ultimate goal for this website is to bring together such parents and teachers who support and forward the reform for the betterment of the students of Idaho. It is to prepare them not only to memorize and appear in examinations to clear high school but to be ready for the challenges the outside world would throw at them be it at college or in their future career. If you would like to be a part of the reform, you can connect with us to bring the essential transition for our students.

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